Katie asked me to BE BRAVE so here I am. This is me. No make up. No filters. 

Four babies have grown inside me (for 41+3, 43+1, 42+5 & 44 weeks respectively.. Maybe I’ll share her story soon?). One was born in hospital, the rest were born at home. Four babies have been birthed out of my vagina. Four babies have had nourishment from my breasts in different & unique journeys for different times (I’ve bottle fed, pumped, breastfed through pregnancy, tandem fed & am still feeding the littlest #boobielimpet )

My boobs have gone up, down and east/west. Sometimes they hide under my armpits and other times they enjoy saying hello! 

My belly has been stretched, my ribs have been broken (gotta thank my second-born who was 10lb for that!). I’ve battled through Hyperemesis Gravardium. I’ve had surgery on my kidneys whilst pregnant. 

My hips are decorated with beautiful delicate silvery lines where my body had stretched to support my growing babies while they’ve been womb-dwellers. 
My belly is now soft. 

My body isn’t the same as it was before I became a mother but now it’s even more incredible; because it’s shown its majesty and innate power as it has grown, nourished and supported my #girltribe 

There are no filters. There’s no pretence. Women are the key holders to an entire universe of their own making. 

So before you get all down on yourself because you think you don’t look “right” affording to society’s bullshit standards; or you’re feeling hideous guilt over eating a peice of cake, or maybe you’re beating yourself up over not exercising – just stop for a minute and LOOK at what your body has done, and offer up some gratitude. 
Because it’s done good. And what a story it has to tell! 

Magick! #lovetheskinyourein #selflove #realwoman #motherhood 


  1. Love this post. You are a gorgeous Mumma. Good on you for being brave.

  2. BRAVO … beautiful. Something every momma who is hard on themselves to read, take in, accept and celebrate Bravo. Oh, to have had your wisdom as a young mother myself. Celebrate all the privileges our womanhood has to offer. Your message is powerful. Thank you.

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