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After some time away ironing out the creases I am so excited to be back into regular blogging and launch my brand new website with some wonderful sponsors;  beautifully designed and put together by my patient friend Kristie with an incredible give away from Hammock Heaven! We were lucky enough to use some of our Autism HCWA funding to purchase our two double-base stands and hammock chairs from Hammock Heaven and they have been well loved.


hammock giveaway


All four of our daughters enjoy sitting in them and the lovely gentle movement they provide, as well as the subtle pressure means that these hammock chairs are a sensory delight both for vestibular and proprioceptive pathways.

But you don’t have to only be autistic to enjoy these chairs! Because they are so large, even an adult can sit and lean back in them comfortably. The chairs provide a great place to wind-down and a super cosy reading nook and they’re high up enough that if you bend your legs in them your small children won’t be able to reach you or steal any of the chocolate you’re eating whilst hiding in there. Speaking from personal experience….Ahem.

Anyway. Onto the details of the exciting giveaway!
“Using the hashtags #thisisreal tell us in 50 words or less something humorous and funny and totally real about parenting that has happened to you. The most creative answer will score themselves an awesome woven hammock chair from Hammock Heaven.”

a GirlTribe launch giveaway!

Conditions for the give away are as follows:
Participants must
3) Comment the GirlTribe blog with their answer.
Open to Australian residents only. This prize cannot be exchanged for cash. This giveaway is not open to direct family members of GirlTribe or Hammock Heaven. The result is final. Facebook does not endorse this giveaway.  All steps of the giveaway must be completed in order to participate.


  1. Pull up to the cashier window to pay for parking at our local shopping centre and my daughter yells out from the back seat “nuggets and chips please”

  2. Five minutes from home on a 1hr drive “ucky mama, ucky”, turn around to find poo smeared from one side of carseat to the other, all over the window, baby’s cheeks and through his hair. Thankfully he was an only child and didn’t share

  3. #thisisreal Yesterday, I went to a breastfeeding shoot with my one year old and three big girls in tow… Two of the big ones were keen for some photos of them breastfeeding their dolls. I asked the other if she would like to join in with her sisters and her response was, “Nah, but I’ll stand there and you can squirt milk into my mouth”

  4. When your child always asks in a super loud voice why that old man is wearing a dress and the old lady hears them #thisisreal

  5. Vanessa McGill

    April 6, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    I had a photo on my phone of my breasts after my milk came after delivering my daughter, my breasts were Mrs Hulk!! 7 years later my daughter was on the news, after the interview she showed the reporter the photo and said “these are my mummies breasts”!!!!! #thisisreal

  6. #thisisreal my daughter finds ripping paper up into tiny pieces calming so her room often looks like confetti!! It’s hell to clean up

  7. Lol… mines a breastfeeding single parent thing. Dating for the first time since split. Hadnt seen breastfed 8mth old or expressed in over 12hrs… right in the throws of passion for the first time he cops a jet stream of milk to the eye!!!

  8. Husband and I hiding in the WIR to eat chocolate! Oh how things have changed! #thisisreal

  9. #thisisreal First time going out for dinner since bub was born. She had a big feed, then filled her nappy. It went all over me and on the restaurant floor. I wore a towel home.

  10. Oh there are so many.. I will go with my most recent.. I was on the couch enjoying a “Oh I love my baby so much I just want to kiss, and hug and smoosh our cheeks together” moment after a feed.. As we were ‘smooshing’ MILK VOM straight in my mouth, I quickly spit it back out (it actually didn’t taste bad at all, as it was fresh milk hahaha) my husband walks out to see this all unfold, he thought it was hilarious and took a moment to decide whether or not to take a photo of me, but he thought it could look a bit sus, then he decided he would take his time finding a cloth for me to clean up the vom in between hysterical laughter from the both of us. I tell my eldest child of the milk vom incident and she also finds it equally hilarious.. Fast forward a few days and I’ve just fed bub on the bed and eldest child comes in and rolls bub on her tummy (tummy to tummy hug) and plays a rough game of ‘row row row your boat’ .. I warn against this, as bub has just fed. Eldest child thinks I’m being petty so the game continues.. cue MILK VOM in eldest child’s mouth, I am laughing hysterically while eldest child quickly rolls baby off her and gets up and proceeds to vomit all over the floor.. Thankfully eldest child finds the humour in this. Hahaha! #thisisreal

  11. My son age 2 found the large margarine tub. He drove his cars through it and flicked the margarine all over the lounge room carpet, couch, pillows and Windows. Greasy nightmare! #thisisreal

  12. Today my son ate both a fly and a dog biscuit….parenting fail! #thisisreal

  13. After 2 hours of failed attempts to put my toddler down for a nap so I can clean the house (still damp and naked after being dragged out of the first shower I’ve had in days, guests due to arrive any minute) I give up on the nap and manage to go through the house like a whirlwind and even put a batch of scones in the oven. Naturally I should have been more wary of the silence.. Kitty litter strewn through the play room and baby poo smeared on the patio -.-

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