I’ve had the kind of week that has been so filled with shit, vomit and laundry that I kind of don’t even know where to begin with saying anything other than it’s been well.. shit.



My husband (sorry who is this man again? I vaguely recollect him despite not actually having slept beside him all week as he kipped on the couch due to being on gastro-watch) and I have been parrallel-parenting: he’ll be managing a few of the girls while I am dealing with the others or attempting to get on top of more washing; in between catching vomit and wiping up splattered toilet bowls. Having to reach around and hold a bucket of vomit whilst being the passenger in a car driving on a highway was a highlight, as was stopping four times on the way home to empty only for her to purge again. and again. and again. and again. Oh and after a few days of reprieve, trying to teach a 2 year old how to spew into a bowl was a pointless endeavour by the way; I ended up giving up – stripping her off, turning up the heater and letting her hurl into a fresh towel each time the poor poppet. Ugh.. sometimes parenting is absolutely revolting. Okay, actually a lot more than we all seem to let on I think. At least our two bigs know how to aim and project into a bowl or a toilet. BLEURGH.

It’s been pretty hard not to get caught up with melancholy over the seemingly endless rounds of illness that have been circulating our family this past month. The sooner we get over one thing, another child brings something else home and then we are managing that. I could pretty much sum up my life in four words from this last week: laundry, dishes, sick and cooking. Actually.. isn’t that just every week?!

It’s pretty hard not to become a cynical sarcastic snark when this sort of cycle just keeps perpetuating. {Oops actually I think that happened a long while ago already…} And it’s almost the end of term and my girls are tired and so am I. They’re ready for a break in the school/home/school/home deal and I wish I could say that I look forward to holidays as they’re relaxing but no.. mostly they just end up being filled with many meltdowns thanks to the change in routine despite my best efforts to create one, and, well.. constant bloody mess.
Thankfully Cj has some time off work during them so we will attempt to do cliched family things like go for walks together as a family and stuff but truthfully I’ll just be taking the moments wherever I can to sneak off and run ‘errands’ that involve hot chips and a book at my favourite cafe, after op-shopping alone – that is. Totally essential and important of course.

I hope your darling children who I bet are no doubt tired as well, manage the next few weeks of term as best as they can. I know it’s hardcore at the moment. And I’m hoping that you’re taking time out for yourself; even if that means exaggerating the truth sometimes – because that’s okay. If anything I’ll be thankful for the time spent out of the car and more spent in open spaces; space to clear our heads and move our bodies more organically.

Somehow, beach therapy always helps me a great deal and if it offers a wider distance between my children howling at each other and offers less crap for them to spread throughout the house and fight over.. then we’re already winning.