Wilding is totally into reading and learning letters. Since about the age of 3 she has been able to easily write out her full name and now at 4.5 she can spell and sound out many many four letter words. She loves experimenting with letters and loves to play the letter game while in the car where she comes up with words she sees from the letter of the alphabet I choose.



Building on her interest and wanting to set up a simple activity for her, I wrote some words on paddle pop sticks for her and gave her a handful of sticky foam letters. She set about copying the words, sounding out the letters and then she also came up with her own! It kept her amused for a while and also worked on her fine motor strengthening, too.

As far as encouraging literacy learning goes, we purchased an alphabet chart from Officeworks too which has been displayed prominently in our house and as much as I hate plastic crap.. this LeapFrog magnet game has helped with her early development of phonics, too.

I think we’ll get out our story stones tomorrow..