School holidays may count as a “holiday” from a few things:
A holiday from school & kindy drop off & pick ups
A holiday from washing uniforms
A holiday from… errr…


Nope. That’s all they’re a holiday from.

There’s still lunches to be made otherwise the girls think that being at home gives them free access to the fridge and pantry and they eat us out of house and home in record time. There’s still laundry (oh, the laundry). There’s still dishes to be done and food to be prepped and cooked.

There’s maybe more time spent at the beach. More picnic lunches of takeaway chips at the park. I wish there was more sleep but I’d have to be dreaming.

There’s usually a lot of meltdowns as Sno and Wilding “come down” from a ten-week long intense term of navigating friendships, commitments, learning and managing ongoing sensory challenges. Then there’s other contributing factors to take into account which can be triggering: like sharing space with siblings for extended periods of time, disjointed routines and also the noise that comes from loud little (and big) sisters.

So as a result the first week is usually pretty hard. We’ll hold their space and love them through it because we know it isn’t a choice.  It’s still fucking hard though.

We try and alternate “home days” with “going out days” to provide a little rhythm to the weeks. But it’s no guarantee for anything much.

Then there’s sibling bickering from hyper stimulated or controlling behaviour which is relentless and I’ll try as patiently as I possibly can to help my girls negotiate their (endless) quandaries within their sibling relationships.

I’ll no doubt hide away at times, burying my head into my hands with silent tears streaming because I’ll be wishing I could make things easier for them, for us. My husband will come home, and swoop in and take over from wherever I’m at so that I can breathe a little lighter for a few moments. He gets how hard it is, and I love him so much for that.

Holidays would probably be easier if my girls didn’t have their siblings to take into account. Or, autism. But then again, maybe there’d just be other challenges. So who knows. It’s hard not to wonder though..

So, whatever. We’ll muddle through. At the very least we will enjoy not rushing out the door with everything needing to be done by 8am. And thankfully we have awesome family willing and offering to help, which will gratefully take them up on.

We’ll be thankful for likeminded friends and folk  who get it. And living in a beautiful place to keep us grounded.