You know those parents who do craft recreated from ideas they found on pinterest? They’re super annoying and perky, yeah.. and I’m totally one of them during school holidays. Except I am totally not perky.

I find school holidays hard. Super hard. Maybe it’s the fact that I have four kids at home at the one time, for six weeks. Maybe it’s the autism factor. Maybe it’s the fact my girls all have strong, individual personalities. Living in a tiny house doesn’t help. It’s probably all that. Juggling everyone’s needs (including my own and my husband’s!) is just full on.

We tend to rotate and jump from the following things: craft & art/park visits/beach visits/library visits with the odd playdate thrown in.

I don’t really enjoy playing with my kids. I’m not the type of parent who engages in elaborate pretend play with them or plays lengthy games with them. I don’t enjoy it. But one thing I do love is doing art with them. I loved art as a kid, I painted as a teenager and one day I’ll get back into it more regularly as an adult (or so I’ve been saying for years…). I find doing art with my girls to be really cathartic, healing and it really nourishes my inner-child. I love seeing what the girls all come up with and their end results after getting involved. So during holidays I pick out a few ideas and we work on them together.

I pick projects that are suitable for all the ages – so from 2 to 29 (me!). Today I went out and got supplies (only some of them are pictured, heh) to last us 6 weeks.

Here are some of the things we’ll be working on over these holidays.

  1. Chalk flowers.
  2. Paper twirlers.
  3. Ping-pong painting.
  4. Bubble painting.
  5. Cardboard circle weaving.
  6. Candy cane sensory play.
  7. Magic milk science experiment.

They look great, don’t they? I try and aim for ideas that use inexpensive equipment and things we have laying around at home, but I did splurge a little with new pastels today. The Crayola washable paint in particular is fantastic, it comes clean off and my girls get a big sensory kick out of it.

More ideas are pinned over on my boards at Pinterest, come and follow me! And if you don’t have an account, I encourage you to create one. There’s a whole world out there and once you fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole it’s not easy to get out heh heh heh.
What ideas will you try?